The multimeter now indicates 74 watts. The TimelineX TG is extremely dull to look at. The printer was convenient, produced clear and vibrant images and was very easy to use. With the new Aspire TimelineX series there is no need of making compromises: It’s a decent performer, albeit one that we wished had more differentiation between its graphics modes when it comes to conserving precious battery power. We establish the maximum power requirement while Prime 95 and Furmark run stress tests, HD enabled.

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Overall, the fan management makes a successful impression. The slots on the base plate also do that. This is primarily due to 5820tv extra width, thanks to the added number pad; which brings its width to mm, basically the length of a full sized notebooks, albeit much thinner at acer aspire timelinex 5820tg mm.

The multimeter now indicates 74 watts. This rate visualizes the application speed.

Acer Aspire TimelineX 5820TG notebook

Acer aspire timelinex 5820tg Aspire TG is able to display a very low power consumption apsire its powerful hardware. This should be sufficient horsepower to run almost everything including games though not at the highest settings obviouslyand we will also be testing Acer’s battery life claims which they rate at 8 hours or so to see how good this laptop does.

Will the real gaming acer aspire timelinex 5820tg confirm the synthetic and obsolete 3DMark06? Now the strong M processor decides about the playability: The idle battery life is still far from Acer’s proclaimed 8 hours. The DVD first came to an end after minutes 3: Eight hours are perhaps possible only when the hard disk is allowed to turn itself off tkmelinex the TFT is deactivated via FN key idle mode.

Review: Acer Aspire TimelineX TG

Users can scroll vertically and horizontally with one acer aspire timelinex 5820tg and one sliding finger. The Aspire TG can score with 3: It is capable of multi-finger gestures, such as zoom. The aepire was playable in every configuration with about 40 fps in medium details and our test devices resolution x Frontal view – sunlight from the right.

The matt surface of axer very large pad can be used quickly. These data rates are above average for a 2.

Review Acer Aspire TG Notebook – Reviews

Apple MacBook inch, Supplies There aren’t any DVDs included. Bad Company 2 – smooth in high details. The acer aspire timelinex 5820tg hard, brushed plastic looks like aluminum. Although the eight hours predicted by Asus remain unreachable in practical use.

The acer aspire timelinex 5820tg stays in a very pleasant range of about 25 to 29 degrees. It goes up to While every attempt has been made by IDG Communications in the production of these specifications, possible errors or omissions may still occur.

Acer Aspire 5820TG-434G50Mn

View our privacy policy before signing up. Therefore the 90 watt adapter is sized aptly. The large 90 watt adapter weighs grams.

For more information, see Acer’s environmental policy. The M should be preferred in games for top results. The HDMI port is particularly welcome: Can such a powerful device acer aspire timelinex 5820tg the latest Core iM 2x 2. Low voltage processors, like the iUMhave let expectations on battery life sky rocket.

At least one eSATA port for fast hard disks.