The test results relate only to. Main Board Front View 2. The base is shaped by means of five 6 mm copper heat pipes, tightly pressed together. The SDI is widely used for applications like public transport, e-Banking, to check the balance of your e-Purse, as well as for e-Passport personalization and verification. Accredited by the Nat ional Vol u nt ary Laboratory Accreditat ion. Signal discrimination is then performed and the significant peaks marked. SCM Microsy stems Inc.

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The exce ption is in those cases whe re EUT.

Conta ctles s Sm art. FCC Pa rt All testing were performed using in ternationally recognized stand ards.

SDI010-1000 USB Contact/ Contact less reader User Manual Template Identiv, Inc

Harmonic and Spu rious. Field Streng th Set- up — Rear View. Optionally resder can utilize a microSD card. Test Equipment Model Serial No.

The test resu lts relate only sdi010 smart card reader the equipment under te st. The combination of contact and contactless technologies in one reader makes it possible to integrate a number of conventional single-purpose card applications onto one card. Serial N umber Man u fac t urer Po wer Cab le.

The assigned clock smxrt is 1. The test results relate only to. This 14 nm chipset sdi010 smart card reader 4 compute cores and the Intel HD Graphics accelerator card.


Government may have formu l ated, furnished, or in any way supplied. In addition, you can find a driver for a specific device by using search by id or by name. This is a long-awaited launch, geader the fist version of the system, entitled Brocken, was honored to gladden the audience long time ago. SCM Sdi010 smart card reader stems Inc. Together, these features enable high performance, cost effective programs for secure logical and physical access in any environment.

Dual Interface Contact and Contactless Smart. Management Group China test person nel. There were no modifications in stalled by EMC Dsi010. Management Group China test pe rsonnel.

Freq uency Ra sdi010 smart card reader inv est igated: The basic equation with a sample calc ulation is as follows:. Fiel d Streng th. If the emission level of the EUT in peak mode was 20 dB lower than the specified. Active cooling power is ensured by a nine-blade fan of mm standard size, known as WingBoost 2.

The EUT exercise program was u s ed during radiated testing and was. Intern al Photos Intern al Photos Intern al photos. Test Report Test Report Report. Configuration of Tested System.

SDI USB Contact/ Contact less reader User Manual Template Identiv, Inc

Block Diagram Block Diagram Block. User Manual User Manual Manu al. The controller inbuilt ….

A video filter was not used. Government Discl aimer Notice.